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Did you suffer a work-related injury due to someone else’s negligence? Did it result in financial loss? You may be eligible for compensation. Complete our form for a free assessment to see if you qualify for No Win, No Fee funding with GSR Solicitors.

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Is it really No Win, No Fee?

No solicitor works for free, but there still needs to be the option for every person to be able to bring a personal injury claim without having to personally foot the bill. Providing you follow our advice and tell the truth, you will never be asked to pay out of your own pocket for our costs.

If we are successful we would recover some of our costs (fixed sum) from the other side and deduct upto 25% of your compensation towards your legal costs.

How long does a claim usually take?

Not all claims are the same. While the average time frame is 6 to 12 months, it is very difficult for any solicitor to give you an accurate time frame.

The duration for the settlement of your case depends on two factors – whether your employer accepts liability for your accident and the severity of your injuries. At GSR Solicitors, we never encourage quick settlements unless the circumstances justify it. Some injuries may not seem serious at first but can have long-term effects, and we ensure that you are not under-compensated.

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Did you know that if someone has had to care for you following an accident, you can look to recover the time and cost of care?

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If I lose, won’t my employer’s Solicitors seek their legal costs from me?

In personal injury cases, Claimants are protected from Defendant legal costs thanks to ‘Qualified One-Way Cost Shifting’. This means if a Claimant loses, the Defendant cannot come after them for their legal fees.

The only exceptions are where a Claimant fails to beat a Defendant’s offer at trial (and we always advise you correctly to avoid this) or you are found to be fundamentally dishonest or fraudulent. As long as you tell the truth and follow advice you will not be at risk.

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My friend received a large sum of money for his claim, will I get the same?

Every person’s injury is unique and can affect them differently. The large compensation claims that make the news for millions of pounds are typically for injuries that have a life-changing impact and require constant medical care.

Will I get into trouble for bringing a claim against my employer?

Employers are not allowed to fire employees for exercising their legal rights, such as bringing a claim. It’s important to note that any compensation paid to the employee comes from the insurer, not the employer. If an employee is being dismissed due to bringing a claim, we recommend seeking the advice of an employment solicitor.

After filing a claim against the employer, most clients choose to continue working with them.

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