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Back treatment from accident at work

Suffering an accident while at work is a traumatic experience that can leave a lasting impact on a person’s life. As an employee, you naturally anticipate that your workplace is a safe environment for carrying out your duties.

You expect your colleagues to possess the same level of proficiency and diligence as you do. Moreover, you trust that your employer will take all reasonable measures to ensure your safety when you are exposed to potential hazards that can cause harm.

When these basic expectations are not met, and an accident occurs, it can result in physical injury, lost wages, and expenses that can be challenging to bear.

In the unfortunate event of an accident at work, an employee may experience feelings of unintentional guilt. It’s important to understand that employers in England and Wales are required by law to have compulsory insurance to cover any accidents that may occur in the workplace. This means that the employee can rest assured that they are covered by their employer’s insurance in case of any unforeseen circumstances. The employer doesn’t have to cover the expense of the claim, the insurer does.

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Did you know that if someone has had to care for you following an accident, you can look to recover the time and cost of care?

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If you are looking for legal assistance for your accident at work claim then look no further than GSR Solicitors! Our team of highly trained lawyers specialise in handling accident at work claims, ensuring that you receive the best possible support and compensation that you deserve.

It is crucial to entrust someone who will take the appropriate measures to increase the likelihood of a successful claim. It is also essential that your lawyers have the required knowledge and experience. This is because while your accident may have occurred at work, it’s possible that a third party who is not your employer may be responsible for it.

How much could I claim for?

Your accident at work will cause you injury but it may also cause you to suffer financial loss. For example, you may be off work and the only respite you have is statutory sick pay (currently £109.40 per week for up to 28 weeks) if your employer doesn’t have a sick pay scheme, placing significant financial burden on you and your family.

Work accidents can also cause less obvious losses. Compensation can be claimed for the additional time friends and family spend helping you due to your injury.

Of course, you are entitled to compensation for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity that you have endured as a result of the accident. As you can imagine, there are a wide range of injuries and no two injuries are the same.

Imagine two builders who sustain shoulder injuries. Despite both recovering fully within 12 months of the accident, the severity of their injuries and their impact on their ability to work differ. While the first builder only takes a few weeks off work and experiences minimal pain, the second builder is unable to work for six months and can only perform light duties for an additional three months. Consequently, it’s only natural for the compensation awarded to the second builder to be higher than the first.

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Here are a few examples of common injuries and the usual compensation brackets:-

Injury to the wrist, with full or virtual recovery within up to 12 months or so – up to £5,420

Hand injuries with full recovery but some minor scarring, tenderness and reaction to cold weather – up to £5,800

Fractured tibia or fibula, with a full recovery – between £8,640 and £11,050

Lacerations to the face which are minor but permanent – up to £4,319

However, there are some injuries that are more severe and have a much more significant impact, here are a few examples:-

Serious hand injuries, where a person is left with 50% of their usual capacity and has been left with a deformed hand, significant loss of grip and dexterity – between £35,390 to £75,550

Injuries which have resulted in the amputation of one foot – between £102,470 and £133,810

Head injuries where there is a good recovery and a return to some normal social life and work. However, they continue to experience ongoing cognitive issues such as memory loss – between £18,700 and £52,550

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