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Ranked 179th on World Life Expectancy’s list of countries ranked by most road traffic accident deaths, the UK is a relatively safe place to drive. Even so, accidents do happen and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Whether it’s in the context of a regular driver going to work, LGV drivers who haul the UK economy, or bus drivers doing their job, there are risks associated with being on the road. Among all commuters on the road, motorbike riders are at the highest risk of all. 

The dangers of riding a motorcycle in the United Kingdom

No matter how much a rider is cautious, acts accordingly, and stays mindful, the reality is that there are many other factors involved in an accident.

Despite the efforts taken by the government to raise awareness on safer driving around motorcyclists (such as the THINK Campaign), such problems continue to persist – adding up to the reality of the dangers of motorcycle riding. Given the elevated risks of injury or death that operating this vehicle can incur, riders need to have an adequate insurance policy they can use to make a claim.

Common motorcycle accidents that you can claim for

Besides taking adequate measures to stay as safe as possible on the roads, as well as being well-aware of your rights when it comes insurance policies, here are three common types of accidents you may claim for should the worst case scenario occur:

Accident type #1: Unexpected lane changes

Although every driver learns to look twice, use their indicators, and check their blind spots before switching lanes, many forget this rule and end up bumping into other vehicles on the road.

Among all the different accidents that are reported and made a claim on, this type of ordeal tends to take the top of the list as it is one of the leading causes of motorcycle-related accidents today. Generally, the best way to avoid being hit by a car making an unexpected lane change is to drive defensively. When it comes to making claims, however, the experts at GSR Solicitors encourage wearing a helmet camera for evidence should you need to claim compensation in case defensive driving wasn’t sufficient.

Accident type #2: Collisions by a car door

Another common type of accident that affects thousands of motorcyclists is unexpected “car-dooring”, where an unsuspecting car driver opens their vehicle door and hits a motorcyclist in the process. It’s worth noting, however, that the most successful claims concerning this type of accident are if the door is opened in an unauthorised zone, done deliberately, or done unexpectedly.

As much as issues like these are mainly at the fault of the car driver involved, motorbike riders must keep a significant amount of distance (at least three to four seconds’ worth) from the nearest car. If you’re stuck in traffic and must resort to lane splitting, however, then it is essential to be even more cautious and drive slower, as in this situation, the rate of car-dooring increases.

Accident type #3: Impacts from behind

Compared to the other types of accidents mentioned on this list, having a car hit a motorbike from behind is far more likely to result in a severe injury or death depending on how much force is generated. Based on experience, most motorcyclists who made claims for rear-impact accidents were awarded their claims without delay because of the degree of fault on the car driver.

To help avoid this type of accident on the road, safety and riding experts believe that the only solution to rear-end collisions is to remain as alert and aware as possible. Additional precautions like maintaining distance, stopping on sides of the road to avoid an erring driver, and continually checking your side mirrors can help deter the risks of rear collisions.

Could you make a motorbike accident claim?

Out of all the different types of vehicles that you can drive on the road, the motorcycle inherently has a higher risk factor, making it essential to have the right insurance policy. With the help of this guide, not only will you be able to know your rights on the road and make a winning claim, but you’ll also manage to drive safer and take all the right precautions into mind!

Dealing with a motorcycle accident and making a claim on your insurance policy is never a comfortable experience. Nevertheless, having the right help accompanying you along the way can make a world of difference. We’re a team of personal injury lawyers in England and Wales with plenty of experience in helping clients build successful motorbike accident claims. Get in touch with us today to request and schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced legal practitioners.

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