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Suffered from a personal injury?

If you have been involved in an accident there are duties on an employer, the occupier of land, public authority, tour operators and road users, if they have breached their duty and you have suffered some loss or injury then it is highly likely you would be entitled to compensation.

We specialise in the following areas of personal injury claims and we have highlighted some of the duties imposed on a body or person.

Accidents at work

There are regulations and law to ensure your employer provides you with appropriate health and safety training, provide personal protective equipment, provide competent staff, adequate equipment free from defects, display warning signs were there are spillages and much more.

Road traffic accident

All road users are under a duty to drive with due care and attention. Often were a road user is collided into the back of your vehicle then it is held their fault for failing to keep a safe distance. Road users are duty bound not to drive at excessive speeds, ensure they keep a look out and obey road signs and traffic signs.

Trips and slips

You may have had a trip on a street or road due to defects or potholes; the local council is under a duty to reasonably inspect and maintain the highway. You may have slipped in a supermarket or any building the occupiers of the property are under a duty to warn against any dangers such as wet floor if they are negligent.

Product liability

Manufacturers and retailers are under a duty to ensure the products they supply are safe.

Holiday claims

If you were involved in an accident abroad and you booked a package holiday then the package holiday provider is duty bound to ensure they have assessed the risks which may occur.

Criminal injury

If you were a blameless victim of a crime which happened within the last two years you can make a claim.

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