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Types of accidents at work

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Slip and Trip

The floor of a workplace can pose a danger, especially in environments where substances on the ground can cause slipping hazards. Your employer needs to implement a system that can readily identify these hazards and, most importantly, clear them away.

Defective or inappropriate work equipment

It is often said that a worker never blames their tools, however, if the tools are defective or unsuitable for the task at hand, there is a serious risk of injury. While work equipment can be helpful to employees, it can also cause significant harm if it is not the right fit for the job.

It is essential for your employer to ensure that equipment is properly maintained and suitable for the tasks being performed.

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Working at heights

The consequences of falling from a height can be severe and so every employer must ensure that the work at height is properly planned, supervised and carried out in a safe manner. They need to ensure that you are appropriately trained and competent, or supervised by a competent person.

Manual handling

Any form of transporting or supporting of a load (such as lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying etc.) by hand is a risk of personal injury to employees. Your employers must take reasonable steps to reduce the need for you to undertake manual handling and should provide you with the appropriate training or tools to reduce the risk of injury.

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Construction sites

With various parties involved, accidents on construction sites are often complex with many different parties involved, especially when your employers are not necessarily the people in control of the work you carry out. Someone is responsible for your health and safety on site and you do not want to pursue the wrong defendant on an incorrect assumption.

Personal Protection Equipment (“PPE”)

Employees may encounter hazardous materials or circumstances that can cause harm. However, the risk can often be minimised by using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Unfortunately, sometimes due to inadequate management or cost-cutting measures, PPE may not be provided or may be unsuitable for the task at hand.

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